Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Soy travel tin candles

I was thrilled to receive this photo from Gwen, a student in my candle class last fall.  She made lavender scented soy candles in a travel tin.  Aren't they gorgeous?  I love seeing students apply the knowledge they've learned in class to make beautiful candles.  Have you taken one of my classes?  I'd love to feature your photos here - it will be inspirational for us all!  And if you haven't made anything yet, what are you waiting for?  There's no better time than the present!  My next candle class takes place in Half Moon Bay on February 12.  Bring a friend!

Gwen's Gorgeous Lavender Candles

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  1. Hello! I took your class at San Mateo College and I have been having the worst time with my hot throw. I remember I asked for your email and advised I could contact you here. However, I cannot find an email address. Can you email me at vannie.pham@gmail.com?

    I did as you advise and heated the candle up to 170-180, added scent, poured at around 135 yet I do not have a good throw, or a throw at all. I have upped the fragrance to 12% yet I still cannot smell anything when it's burning. It has an excellent cold throw, but no hot throw. I have been using the Golden Brands 464 Soft Wax, and the fragrance oil from Mill Creek. I find my pot has to be boiling however to make it to 180 degrees! So I tried putting it on low medium, or medium heat as you've done in your class as I remember you advising never to put it on high. I tried that, and still no hot throw. I am conflicted because I've already made 60 candles and non have a hot throw. What can I do? I'm very frustrated as I've put in a lot of money trying to get it right but nothing is working. I use a double boiler as you had in your classroom and put the candy thermometer in the candle. I have even attempted to measure the heat by measuring the water with the thermometer. I thought it was my thermometer and ended up buying multiple. However, I tested it as well and find it's gauging temperature just fine. I really don't understand. I'm overly frustrated. Can you help me?