Monday, January 31, 2011

Flea Market Find That your Dog wil Love!

Is your furry friend always trying to get on your sofa, chair, bed, or other furniture?  With a vintage luggage dog bed, Fido will have a new favorite spot!  This is a great way to give something from the flea market or grandma's attic a new life.
Suitcase dog bed.  Photo via Houzz

Interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn, in spectacular fashion, upcycled a vintage suitcase (pictured, left) to make a stylish and functional piece of canine furniture (pictured, right, as enjoyed by Gidget). Now this pampered pooch is lounging in high style -- and keeping her grubby paws off of the sofa!

Go fetch the step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions to make your own suitcase pet bed over at Houzz!
In addition to vintage luggage, you'll also need a screwdriver, 2 pieces of pre-cut 1x4 pine lumber, T-nuts for wood, threaded furniture legs, a drill and a cushion.

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