Here are some comments from previous students.  Newer classes or classes taught less frequently tend to have fewer comments.

"Melanie's candle class was well organized and a very complete tutorial! She had an answer for every question, and provided a great hands-on experience for the different candles. Her scent experimentation segment was really helpful!" - Emily Avenson

“This was a great beginner class! Thank you so much for sharing candle making with us. Melanie did a fantastic job!” -Danielle

"Melanie really knows her stuff! Her candles class was hands-on, and so much fun!" - Anonymous

“Melanie was very friendly and open to all questions.” -Usa Pratanasup

"I loved making the soft soy candles, as well as picking out which scents we wanted to use! Melanie's class was so much fun, and I can't wait to show my candles off!" - Anonymous

“This was a fun class with loads of information. Melanie was dynamic and well prepared. She covered so many topics in four hours, and is very generous with her knowledge.” -Esther
"I love that I got to learn about the different properties of the various waxes, scenting, and wicks in Melanie's candle class!" - Anonymous

“I walked away thinking that I might actually be able to make a candle!” -Anna Papatheodorou

"The class was fun and very hands on!  I will be back for another class with Melanie" - G.P.

"Melanie was a very engaging instructor." - P.G.

"Melanie was extremely thorough and very enthusiastic" - L.B.

“Tub Treats was fun, informative, and collaborative!” -Anonymous

“Fun, exciting…I want to learn more!” -Tammy Y.

“I learned three new products in a very short time, and if I can’t remember exactly I have the handouts!” -Connie Thoumeille

“There was so much information regarding materials and different methods.” -Maria Williams

"This class was great fun!  Melanie was an engaging speaker and I'm in love with all the stuff we made.  What a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday morning." - J.B.

"The class was very interactive, and Melanie gave great instruction." - J.K.

"Even though I have made some of these products before, I picked up some new tips on making my own recipes" - L.S.

"The handout contained a lot of information!  Melanie was very personable." -K.G.

"I appreciate that Melanie allowed time for questions and comments from class members during the class and at the end. She had a great handout and a friendly helper, and she provided lots of suggestions besides the products we made in class. I have been here before, and classes at The Nova Studio are always fun! I purchased this class for my friend for Christmas, and she enjoyed herself. Thanks!” – Gaylynne Hudson

"I appreciate that I learned how easy it is to mix basic products to make Eco Home products.  This class gave me the idea to add a new emphasis to my products." - Karen Cooke

"Melanie gave lots of useful ideas and alternatives to the basic recipes. Her handout was really good." - Nancy Newsom

"The handouts are great, and I love the products! Her use of essential oils and tips are great for starting out." - Suzanne Ludlum

"I loved the simplicity of Melanie's ingredients!" - Anonymous

"The recipes were really simple, which encourages me to make them more often. I also liked that the recipes were small. I don’t like to make large batches!” - Lori Stoia

"Melanie is friendly and receptive. Home Cleaning is a good starter class." - Anonymous