Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bath Bombs!

I spent an evening making these bath bombs recently.  I'm perfecting my recipe for a potential new class - bath bombs are my new favorite thing, and while I don't take a lot of baths, I love to use them in my foot soaks!  I tend to make smaller bath bombs for that purpose, but these bombs are samples for friends with tubs to try.  I will take the crumbles and use them for my foot soak!

Bath bombs are fun to make, but require a different set of ingredients than my other bath and body products.  Fortunately, I can use my soap making molds as bath bomb molds, but I do notice that they are more scratched after filling them with these fizzy ingredients.  I have not used them for soap since, but I may try just to see if the soap will have funny pits on it as a result of the scratches left by the various powders.  This particular batch is scented with lemon essential oil, which gives a fresh and clean, uplifting feeling during a soak.
starting out...

One tray completely filled

Bath bombs are drying in the tray