Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Green Cleaning Journey

At the start of a new year, we typically focus on organization and cleaning.  Hence my post earlier this week on re-organization, and now this post on cleaning.  Hubby and I are in full force (last week we donated 5 bags of books to the library, and also 4 bags of stuff to Goodwill...and the scary part is that we still have more stuff to declutter!)  Today, I wanted to share my journey into green cleaning and encourage you to take the same one.  I started with baby steps...

My shift to green cleaning didn't happen overnight.  It started in 2005 when I was searching for ways to keep my stone countertop clean without the harsh or acidic chemicals.  After some research, I tested a few recipes and found one that I really liked.  Soon after, I was looking for a way to sanitize my yoga mat after practice; the wipes  being sold at the studio were expensive and contained I decided to make my own using essential oils.  At the time, I was spending a lot of money buying carpet powder (since I have pets), so, with two successes under my belt,  I decided to try making it myself.   I incorporated green cleaning gradually and today, I predominantly use homemade products in my cleaning.  After using these recipes and tweaking them over time,  I gained confidence to try other recipes and to expand my green cleaning repertoire.

Today,  I can say that cleaning is fun for me - it wasn't always that way!  It's fun now because there's a sense of pride in using products I've made and in  caring for the environment by not cleaning with toxic chemicals which can pollute our water and air.  I also make variations of my standard recipes and am eager to try them out so being able to try new scent combinations or variations in ingredients keeps it interesting.  And, by using essential oils in cleaning products, I can take advantage of their aroma-therapeutic properties as well.  The act of cleaning smells fresh (and not so chemical-y and toxic) and also relaxes, calms, energizes, and uplifts me...depending on which essential oil combinations I apply.  Because I use the same containers when I replenish my cleaning products, there is less plastic waste as well.   

In my new eco-friendly home cleaning products class, I am thrilled to be sharing tips, tricks and recipes to incorporate green cleaning in your daily life.  You'll make your very own scouring powder, multi-purpose bathroom spray, and window/glass cleaner - three basic products to keep your home smelling great and sparkling clean! 

GREEN CLEANING TIP: Did you know that several essential oils, including Lavender, Lemon & Tea Tree are not only anti-bacterial & anti-fungal, but also anti-viral & anti-biotic? Amazing!


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