Saturday, January 29, 2011

Home Cleaning Products

Last Saturday I taught my first class in eco-friendly home cleaning products.  All the students made and took home a scouring powder, glass/mirror cleaner, and a multi-purpose bathroom spray!  It's a great beginner class for those just entering the world of making your own cleaning products.  Often times, you may be unsure about using home cleaning recipes - I've done all the leg work for you and in the class you get tried and true recipes to get your home sparkling!  You not only get a clean smelling home, but bonus points for helping the environment!

Student feedback was positive, and based on questions asked in class, I've got several ideas on how to make the class better!  These changes will be incorporated in my next class in June.  I'll be sending an email to the class with this information so that they can take advantage of it when they make the recipes on their own.

Let the cleaning party begin!
Products from Class

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