Monday, January 3, 2011

Honey Almond Shea Butter

Here are 25 jars of my skin softening honey almond shea butter cream.  It's perfect for dry winter skin, and my contribution to a winter product swap that I am in.  I send 25 jars to the swap mistress, who in turn sends me a box back with 24 winter product goodies - I will post a pic when the box arrives.  Swaps are fun and a great way to get a variety of homemade goodness from others.  And also a great motivator as I have been wanting to make creams all winter, but nothing like a swap deadline to get you moving.  I may also make a batch of heel sticks as my heels are feeling dry.

Thanks to my wonderfully talented hubby for designing the cute labels, and taking this lovely picture!

Honey Almond Cream smells good enough to eat!


  1. Those look (and sound) wonderful! I'm having the worst case of dry winter skin I've ever had.

  2. Yes, they are wonderful! A far as commercial brands for dry winter skin, I like pharmacopia and also deep steep - both are available at Whole Foods Markets. Burts Bees also makes a really good hand cream too. I usually try to have homemade creams (if not mine, then my friends' creams) and will buy the above store-brands when I don't have the homemade stuff around. I've been busy in the creams department...stay tuned for my next post!

  3. Cute labels! Cant wait to try it. :)