Monday, March 21, 2011

Upcycle your old ties!

What do you do with your ties that are too narrow, too wide, or just plain worn out?  They can find a new life as a wallet!  My friend Alton bought his at Old Navy a few years studying its construction, we determined that it can be easily made, and it's quite stylish for business cards, bart tickets, receipts, fast passes, and gift cards!

Materials Needed
cardboard (you can get the thin kind from the back of a notepad for extra recycling points!)
sewing machine and/or glue gun or double sided tape

1. Cut the cardboard to size.  You'll want it to be big enough to hold credit cards, and also add a little extra room so you will be able to make pockets.  You may also want to cut the pockets out at the same time and make sure it will all fit together.
2. wrap the cardboard with your fabric.  You can hold the fabric in place with double sided tape or a glue gun.  Or you can just wrap tightly and rely on your sewing machine to hold these two items together.  this is the base piece.
3. Wrap fabric around the cardboard, secure in place and sew together!

Try it out and let us know how it goes!  I'll post pictures once I get this going.
3. Cut out pockets and

Front Side

Back side

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