Monday, March 7, 2011

Cleaning is Fun Again!

I participated in a home cleaning product swap and my swap box arrived this week!  I can't wait to try these goodies.  When you make your own cleaning products, it's always nice to try someone else's as it gives you ideas for future formulations (or lets you know what to avoid).  Best of all, everything was scented with essential oils, which not only smell great but many have antiseptic or antibacterial properties.   In this swap, I received a toilet bowl cleaner, citrus fresh dishwasher detergent, scouring powder, glass cleaning concentrate, carpet powder, air freshener, four thieves spray, stain stick, lavender dryer sachets, and laundry soap.  I now have enough natural cleaning products to cover from sinks, dishes, laundry, air, carpets, windows, tubs, etc.for a while!  My swap contribution was the air spray!
Home Cleaning Product Swap 2011

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