Thursday, March 24, 2011

Neutralize Pet Odors Naturally!

Why not share your essential oils with Fido or your feline friend?   Try this natural and aromatic spray to help keep pet odors at bay.

Dropper bottles
Essential oils
1-oz spray bottle

Fill a 1-oz spray bottle with water (almost to the top but not quite - leave some room for 26 drops). Use your dropper bottles to pipette the essential oils listed below into the spray bottle.  Shake very vigorously several times before each use. Spray directly onto your dog, holding the bottle about 10 inches from him. Avoid spraying on the head and eyes.
* 10 drops Lavender
* 10 drops Geranium
* 6 drops Lemon

I recommend making this in small batches since it doesn't have a preservative. Note that lavender and lemon have anti-bacterial properties!

From Aromatherapy for Animals, Part 1: Healing Blends for Dogs by Françoise Rapp

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