Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Project: Easy yarn pull toy for dogs

Here's a quick project you can make that will provide oodles of fun for you and your furry friend. 
Materials: Yarn - I used Lionbrand thick and quick
Use  3 different colors for easy braiding.  I started out with only 2 colors but I am not an expert braider and got confused quickly so I did 3 different colors instead and it worked out much better.
1. Cut about eleven pieces of yarn 24 inches long from each color.  You will have a total of 33 pieces of yarn.
 2. Take all 33 pieces and tie a big knot.  Then start braiding the yarn together. save room at the bottom to tie another big knot.  Voila!  Your yarn pull toy is complete and ready for action!
step 1 - notice furry paw in picture

Step 2 - braiding complete & about to tie final knot

Bebe testing out her new toy!

Bebe guarding her toy

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