Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Project: Organization designer style

My mom recently went to London and brought back a cool apron from Cath Kidston, who is a famous vintage-retro style designer (probably similar to Kate Spade in the US).  You may see me sporting this apron in upcoming classes!  It was wrapped in this gorgeous bag which was wrinkled from bad weather, being in a suitcase, and surviving several long flights.  Anyway, I wanted to keep it but knew I had to re-purpose it to justify keeping it.  It was too wrinkled to use for wrapping a gift.
So I looked around and thought about up-styling my knitting binder.  I keep a binder full of knitting and crochet patterns that I have done or would like to do.  I turned it into a designer Cath Kidston binder by cutting the bag and inserting it into the clear-view front and back pockets of the binder.  The spine was a pain and required help from the Mister who has more patience for these sort of things.  I still have a little scrap left which I may use to wrap some soap.  Next time you have some pretty paper, you may want to create your own designer binders!  If you have done other cool things with bags or pretty papers, I'd love to hear it!
My new Cath Kidston knitting binder!

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