Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Project: Make Your Own Lavender Wand

Do you have lavender bushes in your garden?  Check out this nifty project from my fellow soaper Bonnie.  In addition to using the lavender buds for dried botanicals, you can also create these lavender wands to scent your drawers, hang it in your closet, car, or any space where you want the fresh smell of lavender!
Lavender Wand Photo from Bonnie Bartley
1. Cut fresh lavender stems as long as possible. Use the fresh cut stems or they will not be flexible enough. Count out an odd number of stems, the more stems the larger the finished wand. Eleven stems makes a small size wand, it must be odd number so you can weave properly.
2. Using about 45 inches of the ribbon of your choice, tie the stems tightly just below the flowers leaving the ribbon for weaving.  Leave one end about 12 inches, this will be used to make the top hanging loop.
3. Gently bend the stems over the flower heads, spacing them evenly around the bouquet. Tie the short end of the ribbon into a loop at the top. Have the remaining piece of ribbon running down the center of the bouquet, you will use it to tie off the end of your weaving.

4. Begin weaving the long end or the ribbon over and under each stem, distributing them evenly to form a cage around the blossoms.  Keep the ribbon tight to the previous rows.

Keep the ribbon tight to the previous rows.If you don't have time to make this, you can always buy it from her Artfire site for $9.99!
weaving a victorian lavender baton

ontinue to weave the ribbon around the wand until you come to the end of the flowers.
tutorial for lavender crafts

You can tie off the ribbon at the bottom of the wand to the end of the loop ribbon.  You can braid and weave it to the bottom, finish it with a bow or embellish it with some beads.  The wand is ready to place in your lingerie drawer, hang in your closet or car, keep it in your gym bag or locker.  As the lavender dries it can be freshened with some lavender essential oil or simply crushed between your hands to release more fragrance.tutorial for weaving lavender baton

Click here for the full tutorial with more pictures!

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