Monday, October 15, 2012

Ms IT at work

Bebe is often called Ms IT (IT is an acronym for information technology).  She is Ms. IT because she loves all computers - whether they are desktops or laptops.  Of course her favorite part is the keyboard.  She likes to lay her head on it.  here are a few shots of Ms IT hard at work at the Mister's computer station.  They share computers, and only when he is not around:-).  When he is around, she hangs out on the ottoman under the desk...I'll get a photo of that soon I am sure! 

Ms IT is lery agile - almost like a cat and she jumps here, there, and everywhere.  These are definitely not staged shots for those who are asking!

Ms. IT sitting at her desk and getting ready to work

oh oh...busted!  making her way back down!

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