Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fleet Week

Fleet Week is a annual San Francisco favorite event featuring a naval parade of ships, and a spectacular air show with the blue angels!  There are other air performers as well, but most people attend for the blue angels.  It's a very family friendly event and a great way to spend the day outdoors if you can brave the traffic and get yourself there!  This year's blue angels airshow was particularly challenging to get to as more than 1 million extra day visitors were in SF for this day due to the Hardly blue grass festival, the America's Cup sailing event, and the SF Giants playoff game.  SF city officials didn't do a great job planning this weekend, but hey, I also understand that they don't want to turn any income/tourist revenue away. 

My friend Jen took some amazing pictures on her iphone and shared them with me, and now I am sharing them with you!  I didn't take any pictures - I was hosting close to 100 corporate guests (for my day job!)  In the photo collage (I'm really impressed with the photo quality from a cell phone I have to say), the top left image features the blue angels as they are getting set to split up and create the trail seen on the top right.  I love the bottom picture of the collage where you can see the blue angels flying above the golden gate bridge, the ships, and my favorite part of all is the lone seagull sitting on the leftmost pole.  I know it's hard to see since the image is small but double click on it for a larger version. 

Photo collage courtesy of Jen T.

Blue Angels in tight formation - requires a lot of precision! from Jen T.

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