Saturday, October 20, 2012

Creams Galore

 How did you spend your Saturday morning?  I'll tell you what I did if  you tell me what you did!  I taught a lotions and creams class today full of enthusiastic students who asked relevant questions.  While each class does take many hours of preparation (outside of class time), it's a wonderful feeling to be able to share your passion and hobby with others. We had a fun time making these luscious skin savers.  Each student got to customize their creations by choosing their scents and colors.  As you can see, green was a very popular color choice today, and there were several different shades.  Here are some of their creations!  Check out my upcoming classes sidebar to see where I will be next.

Jars of shea butter cream and lotion made in class

Students showing off their colorful body lotions

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