Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jumping Jalapenos from Jeong's garden

Jeong gave us these gorgeous jalapenos over Labor Day weekend.  It has taken me a while to get this posted - they are long gone now!  She has inspired me to try to grow some veggies on my balcony. 

Fresh jalapenos add a nice kick to regular food - just watch out for the seeds!  I recommend chopping them with disposable gloves and avoiding the seeds.  Also, avoid rubbing your eyes after touching the seeds at all costs - sometimes we subconsciously rub our eyes but I take extra care to not do that while cutting jalapenos, habaneros, or other things that end with "os" :-)
I added these jalapenos to quesadillas, my breakfast eggs, a can of vegetarian chili, ready-made salsa, rice dishes, teriyaki noodle bowls, corn bread, and the list goes on...
What do you add jalapenos to?

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