Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's for lunch?

I went to Myra's house for dinner tonight.  I came straight from work so i happened to have my lunch box with me.  She let me bring home the leftovers, and i supplemented it with some home-grown squash (not my home), and a cute egg shaped like a fish.  it was my first time trying the egg thing and...well i will save that for another post, but I did manage to get one decent hard boiled egg and molded it.

Double decker box: rice, broccoli, salmon, seaweed salad, egg, squash, cherries
The picture on the left is the mold that I used and the one on the right is how the egg turned out.  The picture is fuzzy - I need to work on my photography skills!

Did you feel the Earthquake?  This post interrupted by 3.9 magnitude earthquake at 11:36 pm - epicenter San Leandro. 

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