Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cactus Craft

These cacti make great table decorations or party favors at a southwest themed party.

Cactus Table Favors

You need:
Styrofoam Egg or ball
Craft Wire
Tissue Paper
Tacky Glue
Green and Terracotta Paint and Brush
Small Paper Cup
Paint a Styrofoam egg green. Let dry. Paint a small paper cup terracotta. Let dry. Fill the painted paper cup 2/3 way with sand. Mix in some tacky glue. Press the small end of the painted egg into the sand. Cut pieces of craft wire and push into the Styrofoam.
Cut tissue paper into 2" x 4" pieces. Stack four pieces in different colors. Accordion fold back and forth in 3/8" folds so you have a 3/8" x 2" bunch. Cut the ends rounded. Cut a piece of craft wire and fold it  in half. Pinch together the middle of the tissue bunch and twist the wire tightly around it. Fan out the folds of tissue. Gently pull sheets apart starting at the top and shaping the flower as you go. Push the craft wire into the top of the cactus to hold bloom in place.
Tie a piece of raffia around the pot. Glue in place. Learn more at:

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