Monday, September 16, 2013

Soapy Cupcakes

Last month I had the pleasure of helping Ruth out in her Soap cupcake class at the Nova Studio.  This class uses some advanced techniques so some soaping experience is suggested.  Ruth previously taught this technique at the soapmakers conference earlier this year; I didn't attend so I was glad to see this class offered at the studio.  She brought more than 20 samples of yummy soap cupcakes and shared a variety of packaging options.  As a bonus, she also showed us how to make dainty soap meringues!  Below are photos from the class, including the 2 soap cupcakes that I made:-).  The soaps have cured now and are ready for use.  I gifted both already so I will definitely be soaping up a batch of cupcakes soon.  They make great hostess gifts, and are fun non-caloric treats.  This process does take a little more time and effort than the traditional rectangular bars of soap so if you plan to sell these, you may have to adjust your prices accordingly and also include a sign that says that they are not edible!  Both of the persons I gave the soaps too wanted to take a bite out of them!

Ruth in action!

More than 20 colorful soapy cupcakes 

 I heart big frosting tops!


  1. Have not given my soaps out yet. My niece had her birthday a week before the class so I have not seen her to give her a cupcake for her birthday. I will not feel so guilty giving her this because she is diabetic.

  2. Wow, Melanie - your frosting tops turned out stunning! I bet you'll be able to use some of the techniques Ruth taught in your Fizzy Cupcakes class, too ;)