Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Six Layers of Goodness

Six Layers of cookies

My mom recently sent these yummy cookies - what a thoughtful and lovely surprise!  her cookies are the toast of the town, and while I would love to eat them all - there are 6 other cookie monsters I need to share them with!

In case you can't tell, the top and bottom two layers are the same - chocolate chip cookies, which are perennial favorites!

The 2nd picture features the top of the box - 10 yummy chocolate chip cookies.  The 2nd layer of cookies is a less sweet cookie with orange zest on top - I think they may be sugar cookies with less sugar or something.  The 3rd layer featured sea salt chocolate on top, and the 4th layer was the same cookie base but with a raspberry thumbprint.  The 3rd picture at the bottom shows the 4 cookie varieties on one plate! 
The top layer features chocolate chip

Four different cookie varieties on a plate

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